Industrial Waste Suction and Filtration 

Industrial Waste Suction and Filtration

Industrial Waste Suction and Filtration 


Croci Engineering is a leader in the design of centralized air intake and filtration systems for atmospheric decontamination and rehabilitation of industrial environments.

The types of plants on which to intervene range from the industry of plastic film production from packaging to printing machines, to coating and laminating machines, to extruders, to wood processing and to the textile sector.

The filtering units can exploit the separating action of specific filters or rely on the mechanical separation, such as for example the cyclones.

Industrial fans can be either clean air or high particulate concentration flows, depending on whether they are systems with a pressure or vacuum filter.

Croci Engineering produces a complete range of industrial axial and radial fans, with backward curved blades, with radial blades, with flat inverted blades for clean air or for transporting fumes and powders.

All industrial vacuum cleaners can be produced in stainless steel, carbon steel, in metal materials suitable for use with particular fluids and in insulated version for high temperatures up to 700 ° C.

In support of these dust filtration suction systems Croci Engineering is able to design and supply machinery and plants for the pneumatic transport of filtered powders to silos for storage or for re-entry into the production cycle, extractors for plastic residues and other industrial processes and filtration waste handling and discharge systems.

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