Fields of Application

Croci Engineering is a leader in the suction, conveying and grinding of the trimmings in the production sector of plastic film for packaging of:

Plastics processing plants:

  • Lines of extrusion cast film of polypropylene; Lines of cast film extrusion of linear polyethylene (stretch); Blown Film Lines, Extrusion of profiles and slabs, injection presses
  • Chill roll air blades - Elm depression on flat head - Fume extraction hoods - Elm drying lines - Bubble cooling rings - Volumetric and gravimetric dosing
  • Trimming Suction Systems - Conveying (venturi and suction) - Off-line and in-line storage and dosing - Separation and treatment of air transport
  • Extruder - Compactor - Rotary channel pump for recycling

Suction with laser cutting

  • This type of process is applied to laser plants for cutting adhesive scraps in flexographic production lines. The scraps with adhesive are sucked in, compacted and conveyed to an auger, thus reducing their bulk to save space. This project has the advantage of recovering waste in a continuous line, without any machine downtime.

Plants for rotogravure printing:

  • Thermo-ventilation lines - Drying ovens - Conditioning of electrical panels and motors - Solvent evacuation

Food processing plants:

  • Iolla transport of rice - rice dedusting - air transport treatment


Glass treatment plants:

  • High prevalence blowers - Cooling systems - Tempera glass:


Metal Treatment Plants:

  • Dust suction and filtration - Suction Filtration and fume reduction:
  • Air suction and treatment


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